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it to school administrators who called police. police talked to the mom and discovered the mother was already wanted for marijuana possession and pair ferp nail ya. rain coming in out of the south and west. some scattered showers a distinctive possibility. clouds rolling in from the south and west. it will probably not bring a steady heavier rain but on and off showers and on and off thunderstorms would be a good bet. slow moving funnel system that should clear the area as we move into the day on wednesday. look for showers to come in and a wet commute as we start off the day around 50 degrees. it will be lucky to get out of
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the mid-70s. how long as it been? >> 15 years. >> 15 years in the making finally becoming a reality today. >> after securing a playoff spot, the other team lost. christian schaffer. what's it like to be around the dream team? >> the orioles are pleased but they're not satisfied. they said they want to overtake the yankees in the last three games. to do it, they have to beat the tampa bay rays. they will have to win all three games, plus a few other things have to happen. this is a large indoor stadium and the orioles are here in it doing their batting process. when they take the field later this evening, they will have
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some support in the crowd. >> when you've been waiting 15 years a two-hour flight doesn't seem so long. he used to sit with his dad in the bleachers of memorial stadium. >> i could zoom in on players. >> reporter: this season he said he was less than optimistic but then the oral spent the -- orioles spent the summer shocking them. >> they've been a great surprise, really. >> reporter: that's why he finds himself on a flight from bwi to tampa along with a lot of other orioles fans. >> it will be a good time to go to florida. >> a short flight to see something that's been a long
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time coming. >> it would be really nice to see. >> reporter: tough game tonight for the orioles. they have three straight against the tampa bay rays. they have something to play for. remember, the yankees are playing against the red sox, a team that has been eliminated. that could be a tough series to get any win out. the orioles know they have to win two or three. you may have heard about this fire on this plane. some of the orioles were talking about that earlier. i'll bring you some things they had to say about that experience coming up at 6:00. live in st. petersburg, chris shaffer. >> what about the crowd down there, any idea? 11,000 last week. >> reporter: some of the people have been talking about getting
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a large crowd. this could be the rays last meaningful game. tonight they could still get one. >> all right. some maryland retirees there. hey, we have amazing -- o maizing team and o maizing fans. you'll want to go there for the latest on your orioles. when john harbaugh was hired to kept ravens, he brought in this guy, chuck agoano. we find that chuck has a receiptable form of leukemia. he was feeling weak and bruising, so he within the to the doctor and found out. in tonight's health alert there may be a lot of debate
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over mammograms. who should get one. women should have mammograms every two years after they've turned 530. the first one should be when you're 40. if you have a history of breast cancer if your family, you may need a mammogram before the age of 40. there are three types of mammograms, the screened, digital and a new 3d image gives you a more in-depth picture. it's usually used for women with dense breast and those who have had abnormalities in the past. we are thinking pink. october 1st kicks off breast cancer awareness month. we're hoping to get your questions answered and the think pink house call segment. phone a
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call at 410-481-2222. not getting enough sleep could mean more than just being tired for your teenagers. a new study in the canadian medical journal found teens who had trouble sleeping had a higher body mass index, higher cholesterol and higher blood pressure. a high sleep disturbance score was associated with eating sodas and snacks and associated with an increased risk of heart diseasement for more health studies like this any time, did to right now you'll find information on how plain is your child's lunch box. here's something
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interesting. former california governor, arizona arnold schwarzenegger's book hits the bookstore. he opens up to what led to his brakeup with maria siver. in an exclusive interview with "good morning america," he still holds out hope for restoring his marriage. >> it's just one of the disasterrous situations and the worst thing i've ever done. i'm sure maria wish we could be together and i all wish we could be together. >> his son with the former housekeeper was dleferred days after shriver delivered their child. milk and diapers. talk about must-haves. >> there's a diaper shortage. we'll tell you why your hug dpis
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and -- huggies and pampers may be hard to find. >> can you swallow $6 a gallon for your morning cereal. i'm abc2 meteorologist wyatt everhart. now the clouds are rolling in. we'll talk about the chance for rain coming up.
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parties, you better -- parents, you better stock up on these before things get messy. we could be facing a shortage of diapers. the popular brands will set up operations overseas. the price of milk could soon double. it could did back to 1940 era policies. the old bill expired yesterday. that could cause milk prices to rise $6 a gallon. a new farm bill was passed the
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house but stalled in the senate. everybody was smiling and the mx morning they went to gather up all their gifts and they were all gone. all $10,000 worth of gifts stolen. >> this is a story that will get your business juices flowing.
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the majority of women are diagnosed with very early stage breast cancer and for many surgery will be a come on net of their treatment. we offer them a lumpectomy. if the tumor is more advanced,
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we may have to do a mastectomy, so sometimes patients come in with a larger tumor and may want a lumpectomy, we may treat them with chemo therapy to shrink it down and have a lumpectomy. if they have a mastectomy, then we get a plastic surgeon involved. >> the doctor is here, 410-481-2222.
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looking at a few showers beginning to knock on the door. they will be moving in our direction. you can see the clouds have rolled in and in dundalk it was sun, then clouds. now the clouds are thickening up and much the same scenario
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across most of maryland. 69 at bwi at the moment. pressure is 29.92. sunset is setting earlier. the days are getting shorter. here we go, temperature wise. 54 in oakland. as we come am closer, it has been breezy as the storm system begins to move in. it's kicking up the winds off the atlantic. overall scenario is this. clouds increase. we're gem rally -- generally dry but conditions likely to change in terms of hit and miss showers, hit and miss thunderstorm activity into the afternoon and lingering into the evening. as we go into wednesday we'll get eventual clearing out with morning showers on wednesday. here's a look at the broad area of circulation. it does have a large reach all the way down here into the
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florida panhandle with rain reaching up into basically the northern part of ohio and indiana. so that is a large swath of precipitation. the situation will move slowly from west to east bringing with it a change in temperatures but a slight change as we go through mid-week. we'll cool thingings off as we go toward the weekend as well. we'll look for a second cold front. that will drop temperatures sunday and monday. in the meantime this system will in the cool us down tremendously. it will bring the chance for rain. so 58. mostly cloudy. there will be scattered showers. tomorrow 77. rain likely but not an all day steady rain. it would be hit and miss rounds of rain with some scattered storms lingering into tomorrow night. should see it tape are off late tomorrow night. as we break down the first part of your seven-day forecast, 83
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wednesday, briefly warmer. drier on thursday. the sun dak in force by late wednesday into thursday. friday stays sunny, warm, what a beautifulled to the week. dry cool front, breezy, barely out of the 60s, saturday. you see the temperatures having a tough time getting out of the 60s,'s special le on columbus day. you want it track the rain. head to our abc2 news a. once you get to the weather tab you'll find maryland's most powerful radar 24/7. you can pull it up and that's the way to stay on top of the rain. >> thanks a lot. now to democracy 2012 news, the candidates are doing all they can to lower the bar. shannon travis joins us live from washington. tell us what the candidates are up to, trying to get their word out on the last minute.
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>> hunkered down in debate camp. president obama is -- we expect limb to be studying intensely. mitt romney last a public event in denver, colorado. then he will go dark until wednesday in colorado. >> reporter: the campaigns have been focused on lowering their debate. mitt romney is talking up the president's victorious record from 2008. president obama's campaign said the president is out of practice compared to romney, referring to the gop primary debates. the one guy who didn't get the memo, new jersey governor chris christie. he hit the sunday morning talk shows, playing up the expectations for mitt romney. >> here's the great news for republicans. we have lap candidate who will do extraordinarily well.
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he will come am wednesday night, lay out his vision for america, contrast his view and the president's record and this whole race will be turned upside down come thursday morning. >> reporter: this unfiltered confidence may not make much of a splash. a newark ton post poll shows 55% of likely voters think the president will win this debate. only 31% say it will be romney. new this is a poll president obama likely does not want to win because he essentially says mitt romney is the underdog going into the debate. >> kelly? >> i don't think i've seen a gap that huge in one of the polls. the national candidates are usually neck and neck, pretty close. >> reporter: the cnn poll out among likely voters show present obama at 50% and mitt
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romney at 47%. that's obviously, within the margin of error. given the wednesday debate and others, there's a lot of room for either side to make up some ground. >> okay. looks like we're having technical difficulty. let's head over to jamie costello. >> all right. tonight, it's very popular on elizabeth loves to crochet. now she is turning it into a business. 2 -- $25,000 up for grabs. sherrie johnson sits down to learn more. >> reporter: 16-year-old elizabeth loves crocheting. she has turned it into a business, an opportunity taking her to new york. >> i feel proud of myself
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because most people, most young kids think that crocheting is for older people. >> reporter: elizabeth moved to the united states from africa when she was 11. she comes from a family of female entrepreneurs. she develop -- sells hats, scarfs and handbags. it encourages students to stay in school. students are required to develop and present business plans to a panel. there's hands-on training while connects math, reading and right -- wrighting -- writing. elizabeth has big plans for her
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business. >> i want to be able to help others. i want to open my own school in africa. so this opportunity will be the start-up. >> reporter: the program is opening doors for elizabeth and other students to have a bright future. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> elizabeth is one of 35 finalists heading to new york for the 2012 nifty challenge. you can also head to our website and click on our education page. coming up at 6:00, you could still be voting even after you're gone. how maryland voter registration rules allow the dead to remain eligible to vote. >> everyone in baltimore is getting excited about the orioles. those stories and more are coming up at six. here's a preview of what's ahead
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at 6:30. >> we're going global to a place where families crave american products. how can they create american jobs? on world news with diane sawyer on abc. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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remember the lottery winner who sparked controversy when it was discovered she was on welfare. she was found dead. >> she continued to collect food stamps. friends found amanda clayton dead in her home.
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she only had $67,000 left. if you can gets through this, you can get through everything. amy and jason wright's dream wedding turned into a nightmare after somebody stole $10,000 in gifts. the couple accidentally left the gifts outside near the tent where they were sleeping. >> somebody had come tanned taken -- and taken it. we had to call every family member and friends and ask us what did you give. it was embarrassing. >> the newly weds are offering a reward because all the gifts and cards were found in a nearby pound. two murders. >> what the own are of tee bee's
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-- for those who thought this was a dead issue, dead issue voting again. >> a teacher in annapolis discovered marijuana in a student's backpack. >> we are live with the birds. >> some breaking news update. a stabbing at heritage high school. it happened around 10:45 at the school. the student was treated by the school nurse and transferred to hopkins. baltimore police are questioning a person of interest. >> this is a big story. >>
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